Preparing for a new

Global Methodist Church

Wesleyan Covenant Association’s mission is:

To act as advocate and ally on behalf of churches which seek pathways out of the UMC and into the GMC

To contend for fair, just, and amicable pathways out of the UMC for all, including progressives as well as traditionalists

To support efforts to maintain faithful adherence & accountability to the standards of doctrine and discipline embodied in the Book of Discipline as it now stands in the UMC

To continue to act as an advisor & contributor to the leaders of the GMC, as they work shape its doctrine, polity and mission

June Prayer Guide

Join in praying with us for the WCA and GMC as many churches and pastors move through the transitions in the coming weeks.

Jeff Greenway - Rally Video  

Jeff Greenway is one of the most articulate, affable and positive witness for Jesus Christ. We were privileged to have him with us Nov 27 presenting how UMC got to this place of needing separation, needing to stop the fighting and start planting. He shares 10 reasons why you should consider joining the Global Methodist Church.  To watch for yourself and share with your church click on “Learn More”.

Denominational Update December 2022

View this video for a clear and accurate update of the situation churches in the UMC need to be aware of as they discern their path forward. For supporting document referred to in the video click here.

FAQ About Departing UMC to Global Methodist Church

Why? Where? What? When? Can you explain?

Global Methodist Church

 Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ who worship passionately, love extravagantly and witness boldly.   For information on the launch of the GM Church, our vision, beliefs, missional priorities, Transitional Book of Doctrines and Discipline and organizational plan click the “Learn More” button below. The Transitional Book Of Doctrines and Discipline is regularly updated and changed and posted on this site. Latest version: April 3, 2023

Global Methodist Church Great Lakes Provisional Annual Conference

To follow the progress as the GM Church takes shape in our region, subscribe “here

A Comprehensive Comparison Chart UMC, Transitional GMC, WCA Proposals

How will the Global Methodist Church (GMC) differ from what we now know in United Methodism with respect to its governing documents?
This comparison chart will show how the transitional GMC will be alike or different from the current UM Church. Then it will also look at the
proposals developed by the Wesleyan Covenant Association (WCA) as to how the GMC might be structured after the transition. Elements of the
WCA proposed Book of Doctrines and Discipline will be legislative proposals to the convening General Conference of the GMC and subject to its

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